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When Anthony Bourdain told me to focus on my own aesthetics, I knew then I had to get ‘on the line’ no matter what.

— Taylor ViriƱa on leaving NYC and working for award-winning chefs in Houston
Award-winning Restaurants

After Howard Hughes, we went to Asia to collect as much field research we can compile with select hotel and resort partners in Hong Kong, Macau, and Manila.

J1s, International Interns | HHC

Data has always been, and will always be, what drives our initiatives. We simply wrap the food around the tech.

Bourdain, Blade Runner, Tech

Anthony Bourdain had the vision of the ‘Blade Runner’ hawker-food hall. In honor of him, we’re doing our own humble efforts to bringing that to our neighborhoods to continue his legacy.

Hyundai Robotics

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